10 Ways to Incorporate a Timeless Pergola


Whether you’re using a pergola for shade or for structural design, they’re a great addition to any backyard. And while they tend to be ornamental, they offer helpful solutions for climbing vines and surrounding greenery. Our team here at Quality Buildings has uncovered 10 ways you can incorporate a timeless pergola into your backyard. Keep reading to get started!


Working with your landscape

Often, pergolas are set up in a designated area of a backyard. But, the design allows it to be altered when needed. Think landscaping specifically. It can be built around natural tree shade or provide a perfect structure for vines – offering a little extra privacy.


Used as transition between spaces

Pergolas can also be used for transitioning between backyard areas. Soft texture can lead visitors into a relaxing outdoor space while other pergolas service as a waypoint between front and backyards. Additionally, they’re great placed between amenities – the perfect entrance to your swimming pool or deck area.


Integration with a patio, deck or roof

We’ve mentioned pergolas being perfect patios and decks. It’s because their placement helps designate foot traffic amongst your guests, by establishing zones or gathered areas. Most designs are fairly open-air, but you have the option to integrate your pergola with the roof of your home. 


For increasing seclusion

Have a green thumb? Having a pergola in your backyard also supplies you a bit of seclusion. Some pergolas feature trellises on 2-3 sides. Growing climbing plants and flowers along this design give you some privacy while still maintaining openness to the backyard landscape.


Used as an accent

Smaller pergola designs are perfect for accenting a home’s patio, providing an interesting architectural backdrop. It also has the ability to graciously adorn points along a garden path.


For shielding light

In addition to seclusion, you may need to shield your guests from massive amounts of sunlight. We can all agree that sunburns are no fun. Adding a bit of fabric to your pergola design is a great way to shield from too much lighting or unwanted views. We recommend using water resistant fabrics and pullbacks that can withstand unpredictable weather.


Used as an arbor or trellis

A pergola, a trellis, or an arbor? No one’s going to make you limit yourself, here. Pergola designs are so easily adaptable that you can have the best of all worlds. You can create a cozy entrance to a garden or a colorful space for entertaining.


Designed as a focus point

We mentioned earlier that pergolas can be used as accents. It turns out, they can be used as a focal point as well. Add some seating for a charming meeting spot or place a small fountain for a luxury touch. Either design direction creates a piece that simply steals the show.


Easily adapts to any design

One of the best aspects of pergolas is that they’re so easy to customize. Constraints in budget? Check out your size options. Not a gardener? Consider more contemporary styles and materials. There are endless possibilities in creating visual interest. It all comes down to your personal taste and the size of your space.


Creates functional space

Pergolas are great to look at, but we love that they can serve a multitude of purposes. Rather than an accent or focus point, it can also provide storage or cohesion in your backyard. Think about those pesky corners that are “just there.” Adding a pergola is perfect way to instantly transform the space.


Curious how else you can incorporate your pergola? Stay tuned for more backyard tips and tricks from Quality Buildings. If you have any questions or would like to explore our pergola options, please contact a location near you!

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