Chicken coops

We offer 2 styles, from a couple chickens to a flock our coops keep your livestock safe and happy. 

Our A-frame Mini Coop comes in 2 different sizes, 6’x10’ and 6’x14’ and comes standard with pressure treated framing, roost, vented ridge, 4-hole nesting box, and a 4x6 enclosed running area. Medium duty Welded wire 1’’x2’’ and Heavy duty 2’’x4’’ panel are offered as upgrades along with extra doors and roosts. Our barn style chicken coop comes in 3 different sizes 8’x16’, 8’x20’ and 8’x24’. Standard features include pressure treated wood framing, storm door, roosts, and thermally activated auto-open vent so the chickens aren’t baked. Want it now but can’t afford to buy it out right? Don’t fret, like most of our products, we offer leasing on these as well.